Fox Fires.

When people think of "north" they often think of cold. The farther north you travel, the more frigid the air. However, I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate to live so far north that I am able to see the northern lights. They are eerie and yet resplendent -- a billowing, vibrant display of electric fury that fills the entire night sky.
Last night the auroras made a guest appearance (a very common occurrence for this time of year), and this gave me an excellent opportunity to practice capturing them using my Nikon. Granted, it was very early in the morning and I'm tired today, I will rarely ever pass up a chance to see them.
The Ojibwe believed that northern lights were the spirits of ancient heroes battling in the sky. While this notion is romantic and I wish it were true, Aurora Borealis are actually electrically charged particles that are caused by flare ups from the sun's surface. Once these electrons reach the Earth's magnetic field, they become a gorgeous curtain of celestial colors that paints the entire northern hemisphere.
Lately I've been having these recurring dreams where I'm driving at night down a wide, pinetree-lined highway, and just above the treeline I'm able to see a flicker of the northern lights. I get excited, but my excitement quickly turns into disappointment when I realize that I won't be able to catch a good glimpse because the treetops are in the way. So I continue to drive, determined to find a spot where I can get a better view of the auroras. I take turns onto new roads but it doesn't help -- the pines are still blocking my view. I start to get frustrated, and my frustration turns into desperation because I'm afraid that I won't be able to see the northern lights before they go away. 
In all of my dreams, I am unable to get a full glimpse of the lights -- either they go away or the dream ends.


  1. Great pictures! I would need to see this happen for real to believe it I think!

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  2. What beautiful pictures, I would love to see the lights, what an amazing thing!!
    Have a lovely weekend:)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Would love to see this happen!
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  4. Beautiful pictures, you're so lucky that you live somewhere that you can see the Northern Lights. Seeing them is on my bucket list!