A few snapshots from this past fall. All photos are taken by me, from my Instagram -- @MinnesotaN1ce

It has finally happened: the year's first snowfall. I'm embracing the cold with extreme reluctance, as my corner of the world has had such a gorgeous extended fall that I didn't want to let go of. This year the colors were shockingly vibrant and our weather was unseasonably warm. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to make the most out of my favorite season, even if its beauty is fleeting -- but as Robert Frost once wrote: "Nothing gold can stay."

I find that often times the most beautiful things in life are never permanent -- sunsets, the last burst of summer, a dalliance, dreams, or life itself. They pass us by and are bittersweet, and remain as nothing more than a brief, faded memory in the back of our conscious.
The Japanese have the perfect word for such a feeling: aware (ah-war-ay): the awareness of impermanence -- the idea that we are aware that the present moment we are living in is transient. But maybe that's what makes brief moments like autumn so beautiful -- the fact that they are only momentary, and that we should relish every second for what it is.


  1. What a beautiful collection of fall photos! Everything is a fleeting moment, even the bad stuff .

  2. Love these photos and how exciting for snow! Wish it would snow near the beach, what a treat!

    xx Auna |

  3. What beautiful pictures!!
    Have a lovely weekend:)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  4. Beautiful post! Love the photos as well as the sentiment of aware that you describe :) Have a wonderful weekend! xo


  5. Gorgeous fall photos collection! I always love this special fall time when trees are gold/red/orange colored and look so festive and then strong wind passes and there are no more leafs and beauty. Then again winter has it's beauty too)


  6. Love your fall color pictures… I wish we had pretty leaves like that in Texas.

    xx Sam | The Heart of the House

  7. Oh my goodness! These photos are pure perfection. They capture the essence of autumn so beautifully. Wishing you a happy weekend!! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  8. Gorgeous photos! Can't believe it snowed already! It hasn't happened here yet but I'm sure it's not far off. We've been having great sunrises the past few days- one was a beautiful lavender sky!

    She Likes to Shop

  9. The pics are so so beautiful <3 xx

  10. love the idea of that! we've yet to get our first snowfall here but i'm really dreading it haha

    danielle | avec danielle

  11. Fall looks like it was just gorgeous in Minnesota. So true that beauty can be fleeting but the beauty of nature is that it does repeat just not in the exact same way which can be wonderful in it's own way :)

  12. Such a great round up of fall photographs! I feel cosier just looking at them. This is my first fall (currently travelling through Europe, and I am from a temperate climate in Australia) so it's extra special :)

    Kate | //